While the Covid-19 pandemic forced SASTA to cancel the live congress event in 2020, a more positive outcome was the exploration of webinars as a platform for knowledge exchange. The first ever SASTA webinar took place on August 2020. The success of this online platform encouraged congress to add it to its regualr events on the SASTA calendar, with a second webinar being held on 20 January 2021.

SASTA Webinar 1: 20 August 2020: Agricultural and Milling Reviews

The programme for the first-ever SASTA webinar held on 20 August 2020 comprised of the two reviews that are traditionally presented on the opening day of congress, namely,  Review of the South African sugarcane production season 2019-20 (A Singels, et al)  and  Ninety-­fifth annual review of the milling season in southern Africa2019-20 (S Madho, et al).  Almost 100 delegates attended this inaugural online event, many of whom were able to claim Continuing Professional Development points

  • 2019 Agricultural Review  view
  • 2019 Sugar Milling Review  view .

SASTA Webinar 2: 20 January 2021: The Sugarcane Value Chain Master Plan to 2030

The Sugarcane Value Chain Master Plan to 2030 is a social compact between the sugar industry, government, workers’ unions and downstream users and buyers of sugar to stabilise, sustain and grow the economy based on sugarcane. SASA’s Commercial Director, Judith Wilson provides insight into the development of the Master Plan.

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